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Operating through a network of over a thousand channel partners nation-wide, I&KGC is Pakistan's one of largest distribution network of perfumes, deodrants and miscellaneous cosmetics. I&KGC manage multiple product portfolios including those of Emper, Nabeel, Swiss Arabian, Javier, Striling, Alipa perfumes as well as Nexton Products chain and Levenia etc.

Also, considered as the pioneer in Channelizing Perfumes Idustry in Pakistan with the largest support network in every major city of the Country.

Today, I&KGC is driven to revolutionize the market to make its customers better off with the availability of new and economical products, and a committed supply chain process. As the market leader of I&KGC inputs, thinking ahead of time is the only way we have been operating since the past decade.

Board of Directors

Message From Director

Business is the name of sharing the benefits, benefits to the consumers, customers, distributors, vendors and to the employees.

I&KGC is driven to revolutionize the industry and make its customers better off with availability of products, and right services in time. I&KGC representatives will keep on engaging you with what’s new in the industry to make sure the pace of growth that we have been maintaining over a decade. There are undoubtedly exciting initiatives been taken by my team to upgrade the existing level of services for both consumer and distribution clientage. Thinking ahead of time is the only way we should operate our business as before and this strategy has been successfully inculcated in our team.

Our target is to make all the portfolios approachable for our channel of all every sort of buyers. The major challenge to achieve this benchmark is to ensure we have a committed supply chain process, valued resources, timely consumer engagement activities and above all the passion to do more,

With such channel strength, I&KGC feels a responsibility to ensure objective strength and best-in-class products for everyone. This year should be a year like no other! After the successful closure of past year my team is motivated to do more and not get settled. With the addition of young legs in our consumer and corporate sale department we are expecting much more excitement in these channels. We have also calendared more consumer engagement activities and trainings in this year. Our intimate access to the end-consumers leverage us with valuable feedback that can be used in carrying our overall strategy.


Business Philosophy

Clients are our top priority:We work hard to help clients succeed and work tirelessly to accommodate their needs.

Employees, the most valuable asset:We are an equal opportunity employer & hire and develop the cream of the crop for the betterment/ prosperity of the organization.

Work as a team: We encourage, respect and celebrate individual achievement and opinion, but we know that ultimately, an effective team is always greater than the sum of its individual members.

Excellence in everything:Through continuous learning, self-examination and a passion for innovation, we are committed to delivering the best for our clients. Our clients, vendors, partners and employees are always treated with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Motivation:Providing employees all necessary conditions and motivation for professional and career growth is our priority.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to place Pakistan on the forefront of world cosmetic industry. We aim to exceed client’s expectation by providing them with high quality, affordable and timely products based on state of the art designed commodities. We serve all small, medium and large scale business enterprises.


To continually empower our clients and partners through enhancing the ability to harness and interpret information.


We have team of qualified, vigilant, competent & dynamic professionals in all fields i.e. Marketing, Sales, Customer care etc. We endeavor for working environment to create & inspired motivated & committed member of the team. Our team has experience of handling large scale projects.


Mutual Respect: We respect the individual. We believe in communicating openly and honestly.

Integrity: We honor all our commitment in due course of time.

Simplicity & Frugality: Simplicity is the hallmark of Inbox ethos. We like to keep things straight, simple and functional.

Value Generation: We believe in generating value for all the distributors, customers and all the stakeholders.

Agility: We believe in flexibility to keep ourselves aligned to customer needs in a fast-changing world.

Eagerness to Learn: We are a learning organization, constantly learning and updating ourselves.